Plastique Animée 2022

5 minutes

The connection between music and movement is a lifelong study. In July, I traveled to Dallas to participate in my sixth and final summer as a student at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies. Since earning my Dalcroze Professional Certificate in 2019, I have been working towards the Dalcroze License, which will enable me to work with students of all ages and levels. Besides exams in eurhythmics, solfège, and piano improvisation, I presented a plastique animée, or movement interpretation of a musical score. Although this exercise is often done as a group, for my final license summer it was a solo.

The work I chose was the second movement of the Sonata for Solo Cello by the American composer George Crumb, who passed away earlier this year. Working through this piece in movement deeply influenced my playing of it. After toggling back and forth in practice sessions between playing and moving, I found my technique was able to relax more fully while also bringing out musical gestures. For more background on plastique animée, you can visit the website of The Dalcroze School of the Rockies.

Movement and cello performance by Mira Larson 2022. All rights reserved.